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All About Cabinet Door Hinges

Hinges may seem like just a small factor when putting together the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but in reality there are a variety of styles to consider. Whether you want to add character with a specific look or finish or create an invisible seamless design, you can find …

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Replacing Cabinet Hinges

Whether the hinges on your kitchen cabinet doors have rusted away or they just need an upgrade, the process requires some research and preparation. First off, you need to remove the current hinges. Use care if they are rusty and old, and discard the old hinge, mounting plates and screws. …

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Different Hinges for Different Needs

Cabinet door hinges are a key piece of hardware that carry the power of function and aesthetics at the same time. Homeowners absolutely need hinges to swing their home doors, cabinet doors, and other pieces of furniture, but they don’t strictly offer functional utility. Thousands upon thousands of hinges exist …

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